Fresh Recipes | Blue Apron Review

Happy Monday, friends!

I’m off to Charlottesville today (for the first time in three weeks!) with family and then will be heading back to California for two whole weeks on Thursday–I can’t wait but I’m definitely going to miss my kitties(and husband, perhaps)!

Fresh Recipes | Blue Apron Review

We received a free three-meal trial of Blue Apron last week, so I wanted to share with you all the meals/ what we thought. We’ve been wanting to try it for a long time, but unfortunately, the cost is a little out of our budget. Free is definitely a price we can afford though!

Fresh Recipes | Blue Apron Review

We received the following three meals:

  • Cornmeal Crusted Catfish with a Tomato Cucumber Salad and Creamy Potatoes

Fresh Recipes | Blue Apron Review

  • Fusilli Con Buco Pasta with Summer Squash and Mint

Fresh Recipes | Blue Apron Review

  • Ras El Hanout Chicken Pitas with Cherry Tomato and Cucumber Tabbouleh

Fresh Recipes | Blue Apron Review


  • Each meal was super flavorful and the portions were more than generous–definitely more than what we’d normally consume for dinner!
  • The step by step directions were very easy to follow and replicate.
  • Each ingredient (even mayo and vinegar) were included.
  • It all came in a refrigerated box and all ingredients were fresh and unspoiled from the shipping.
  • I didn’t have to think about what to make for dinner!

Fresh Recipes | Blue Apron Review


  • Cost. This was the biggest for us. If we actually had real full time jobs, I could totally see us continuing in the future but as grad students, it was a bit out of our budget.
  • Lack of creativity/personal choice. As much as I enjoyed having someone else choose the menu, I kind of missed looking in my fridge and trying to figure out how to use what we had left. Plus, it’s CSA season right now and getting more squash +zucchini was not something we needed to do.
  • Calorie/Portion Size. According to the dinner handout/directions, each meal we received was 700 calories and that is more than I typically eat at dinner time. Plus, I’m apt to eat everything on my plate no matter how full I feel which did not lend itself well to these meals.

Overall, we may try Blue Apron or another service like it in the future, but for now, we’ll stick to our own cooking.


Outfit Ideas | Style Wants

by on July 19, 2015

Outfit Ideas | Style Wants

Floral Jacquard Dress

Nude Studded Flats

Red Lace Dress

Black Fringe Heels

Tan Fringe Ankle Boots

Kate Spade Glitter Studs


Home Ideas | Home Around the Web

Wire Bull Bust

Gold Hurricane

Chalkboard Cubby

Whitewashed Hurricanes


Colored Baskets


Outfit Ideas | Night Out

by on July 17, 2015

Outfit Ideas | Night Out

Snakeskin Dress

Black Sandals

Fringe Bag

Tassel Necklace

Gem Cuff

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Outfit Ideas | White & Chambray

This was the final outfit from our NYC trip at the end of June.

After a rainy Saturday evening, we woke up to find it still misting but otherwise much nicer than the day before, so we decided to head to Central Park to rent bikes and tour around.

I’d actually thrown these jeans in my suitcase just in case I needed them in the evenings and had been planning on wearing this outfit with white shorts, but unfortunately, the weather didn’t quite cooperate. Still, these jeans and this chambray top have been one of my go-to looks on cooler summer nights.

Outfit Ideas | White & Chambray

However, biking around a muddy park after a big rainstorm in white jeans was probably not the best idea I’ve ever had…I was absolutely covered in mud splatters by the time we were done. Luckily, I was able to change before catching the plane home!

Outfit Ideas | White & Chambray

Chambray Button-Up: Anthropologie

Pink Crochet Overlay Tank: Banana Republic

White Skinny Jeans: Loft

Sandals: Clarks

Other Looks Featuring These Sandals:

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Fresh Recipes | Coconut Berry Popsicles

Ever since the temperatures started to really heat up, I’ve been craving  something cold + sweet pretty much all the time. But each time I go to the grocery store, I can never find exactly what I’m looking for…so the time came to create my own!

Fresh Recipes | Coconut Berry Popsicles

I purchased these popsicle molds for, I think, $1 at IKEA a few years ago and even though they’re definitely cheaply made, they do the job when it comes to making homemade popsicles.

Fresh Recipes | Coconut Berry Popsicles

To make the popsicles even creamier, I added canned coconut milk and then combined it with a little agave syrup for added sweetness, vanilla, and frozen berries.

They are just what I needed!

Fresh Recipes | Coconut Berry Popsicles

Coconut Berry Popsicles

Makes 6-8 popsicles

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1 14.5 ounce can coconut milk

1 tablespoon agave syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup frozen mixed berries, chopped in blender

Special Equipment: popsicle molds, funnel


Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and mix well.

Place the funnel in the popsicle mold and pour in the coconut milk mix. Repeat until all of the molds are full.

Place in the freezer and freeze at least three hours or until completely frozen.


Time: 3 hours, 15 minutes