Fresh Recipes | Best of 2012

by on December 31, 2012

Happy Monday and last day of December everyone! We’re back in Virginia after a wonderful and much needed visit back home last week. I apologize for being a little MIA for the past several days. I had all intentions to keep up with writing last week and then somehow, went into full vacation mode instead. Not that I’m too sorry–it was certainly relaxing to spend a few days reading, shopping, eating, and just hanging out with the fam.

Since we’re almost to 2013 (can you believe it?), I thought it might be fun to mix things up a little bit here on the blog with a little experiment. You see, I’ve been wanting to start including a few more things than simply recipes–not that I just post recipes anyway, but that’s been my main focus–and start posting about other things that drive my life, like decorating and DIY and clothes. Yep, clothes. Not going to lie, that part may scare me the most! I also want to get back to posting a bit more about local restaurants and events and now that I’ve lived here for nearly 6 months (!), I feel more comfortable with my ability to share these things with you.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

blog schedule

Mondays and Wednesdays will remain devoted to what I’ve been all about: recipes.

Tuesdays will become more home decor/DIY/lifestyle orientated while Thursdays will be fashion/outfits.

Friday will solely be dedicated to local restaurants/events or traveling the east coast and beyond, depending on the week.

And finally, on Saturday, I’ll be doing a similar format to Sunday‘s Recipes Around the Web, just with home goods and other things like that.

What do you think?? I’m pretty gosh darn excited, if I do say so myself, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on positives/negatives with the new format. So far, I’m thinking that this will just be an experiment for January and we’ll adjust from there. Sound good? Of course, this will mean I’m back to posting everyday which some might say is a bit insane during my first year of teaching, but what can I say, I’ve missed talking to you guys everyday.

Anyway, to celebrate the last day of December, here’s a recap of the top (most viewed) posts and a few of my favorites of the past year. Hope you have a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve tonight! I just realized that I can no longer pull the–it’s New Year’s on the east coast so let’s go to bed–trick anymore. We’ll see if I make it!

1. Cheesy Stuffed Mini Peppers

Fresh Recipes | cheesy stuffed mini peppers

2. Spicy Black Bean & Butternut Squash Burgers with a Peanut Veggie Slaw

Fresh Recipes | spicy black bean and butternut squash burgers

3. Homemade Refried Beans

Fresh Recipes | easy homemade refried beans

4. Barbecue Chicken Sliders

Fresh Recipes | barbecue chicken sliders

5. Honey, PB, & Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Fresh Recipes | honey peanut butter strawberry banana smoothie

6. Greek Quesadilla

Fresh Recipes | greek quesadilla

7. Garlic Chicken Pizza on Naan

Fresh Recipes | garlic chicken pizza on naan

8. Sausage & Olive Pizza Rolls

Fresh Recipes | sausage and olive pizza rolls

9. Grilled Veggie Paninis

Fresh Recipes | Grilled Veggie Paninis

10. Farmstand Hot Dogs

Fresh Recipes | farmstand gourmet hot dogs