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by on June 26, 2012

Madonna Inn

The Madonna Inn is iconic in SLO, and I definitely couldn’t have left SLO without blogging about it. The hotel and the Madonna family had a huge impact on this area and it’s growth. My mom actually used to work at the Madonna Inn cafe and bakery when she lived here and met the owner, Alex Madonna, on several occasions–she even got to fly in his private plane once!

According to their website,

The first 12 rooms were completed December 24, 1958, and were given complementary for that night’s stay, to a very surprised group of travelers. An additional 28 rooms were quickly built, making a total of 40 rooms available to travelers.

Demand for public areas to handle the rooms encouraged us in April 1960 to start construction of the main inn, which was to eventually consists of the wine cellar, bakery, coffee shop, dining room, the cocktail lounge, banquet rooms, ladies’ boutique, men’s gift shop, and the gourmet shop.

One hundred ten unique rooms now exist, each decorated differently to suit many individual tastes…rock rooms, waterfall showers, rock fireplaces, European fixtures, and fine furnishings to name a few.

San Luis Obispo Places | Madonna Inn

The “unique” rooms are beyond gaudy, but that’s definitely part of the appeal these days. And when you go, you definitely have to check out the men’s bathroom–it’s a must see!

Today, Madonna Inn is known for it’s ridiculously amazing bakery. I treated myself to a really late birthday/sort of late graduation treat when I stopped in the other day–the banana cream pie. I swear I tried not to eat it in one sitting, but I just couldn’t stop myself! The biscuits from the bakery are also to die for.

San Luis Obispo Places | Madonna Inn

You can check out more information about the infamous Madonna Inn here!