A Weekend in Santa Cruz

by on April 30, 2012


Happy Monday friends!

It was another sunny weekend here on the central coast, although we actually spent most of our time in Santa Cruz. The reason we had to go was not so fun–I had to take a test–but I couldn’t have asked for a better excuse to explore one of my favorite coastal towns. My brother used to go to UCSC, but I haven’t really gone back and visited since he graduated. So, what started as an annoying, stressful event actually turned into quite the perfect weekend!

We left late Friday afternoon and got to Santa Cruz around 7pm. After checking into our hotel, we immediately walked downtown in search of some grub. Well, actually, first I dragged Jeff around downtown for a half hour until we found my test site for the morning–I like to have everything planned out on test days ;)–and then finally sat down for some much needed food + beer.

99 Bottles

Brooke, the owner of The Sock Drawer, also used to live in Santa Cruz and recommended a few places to check out. Shockingly, we ended up at a brew pub called 99 Bottles (of Beer on the Wall) which seriously had 99 different beers on tap and in bottles. It puts our local favorite Spikes to shame! Drinking at pubs count as last minute test cramming, right?

99 Bottles

After checking out the extensive beer list and choosing our first pint, we opened the food menu.

I decided to go with the artichoke & chicken flatbread and it was so good! I’ve been a bit obsessed with artichoke hearts lately, so it was perfect.

99 Bottles

Jeff ordered the Chipotle burger with yummy sweet potato fries.

99 Bottles

And then we got back to that beer list–so much to try, so little time. Like I said, test prep!

99 Bottles

My test was early the next morning, which was nice because we had the entire rest of the day to explore the town.

I had biked downtown in the morning, so we met at a local coffee shop Pergolesi for a brain reboot via cappuccino.


Jeff had never been to the UCSC campus, so we headed up the hill and explored for awhile before heading to the boardwalk for a quick tour and ride on the Giant Dipper, one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the US. When you only have a few hours in once place, you have to be selective!


Giant Dipper

Finally, we headed to one of my favs, Aldo’s, for lunch–more on that to come!


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